Healing Autism against all odds, an incredible tale of a full recovery comes to life.

Meet Jamie Now is a bold, intimate look at a woman as she fights for the loves of her life.

After one of her sons is diagnosed with autism, all that she loves is threatened by her relentless pursuit of a cure.

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Krista Vance interviewed on Valley View Live

Krista visited the Valley View Live show this January for an interview about her book, “Meet Jamie Now”.

In Studio with Krista Vance

Krista sat down with NBC Las Vegas (KSNV) on New Years Eve day for an interview about “Meet Jamie Now”, answering some questions about the book, Jamie, and her family.

Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Las Vegas Woman Magazine has published a new article featuring “Meet Jamie Now” including an interview with author Krista Vance.

"Meet Jamie Now is an uplighting true story of overcoming adversity that will have you cheering!"

Jamie's mom Krista wouldn't listen to people who said no. "No, he'll never get better." "No, you can't help him." Her book covers everything from fighting to keep her son from disappearing into Autism, to marital stress, to threats of her own health, and other life-altering struggles. She describes how to find physicians, therapists, schools, and even offers healthy family friendly recipes. Mainly she talks about persistence and success! Her countless examples of advocating for her son, and her tireless search for experts and answers, give hope and motivation to every parent.
Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP
Meet Jamie Now illuminates the extraordinary accomplishments of a resourceful, creative woman who holds her family together through the strains of the insurmountable task she undertakes: to dedicate herself to finding new ways to help her autistic son while barely maintaining her own health and sanity. She reveals every readers inner strength by discovering her own. Persuasive in its simple honesty, this book is tender, wrenching, funny, and uplifting – nearly impossible to put down.

But more than that, Meet Jamie Now is a gift.
Kathryn Lynn Davis, New York Times Best Selling Author

About The Author

Krista Vance was born in Southern California, and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her family. She keeps busy with two sets of twins. In her spare time, Krista writes about alternative approaches to health. Her articles have been published in Well Being Journal, Organic Family Magazine, and Alternative Medicine.

Krista is a member of Autism Today and FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment). She also supports the Autism Research Institute.

Krista continues to devote her energy to researching the impact of nutrition and the environmental factors on health and wellness. She relaxes by exercising, dancing, and enjoying time with her family.

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As a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, I could not put this book down. I truly felt as if I was with Krista on her journey, with both tears and celebrations.
Lynette LaScala
CEO and Founder NAPA Center
When your child is diagnosed with autism, you feel as if your world has come crumbling down around you. After the initial shock comes a grief for your child you can't describe since there is nothing quite like it. Most of the literature you read describes how to accept the diagnoses and live with it. Meet Jamie Now is different. It is a heart felt memoir of how Krista got to the root of Jamie's illness and found multiple channels to heal her child. It gave me hope and purpose and made me realize that my son's Autism most likely has as many layers to it as Jamie's. Not only is this something to inspire hope, it is also a manual on what steps to take, what order to take them, and where to look for your answers.
Joanna Henrick
Henderson, NV
This book is such a perfect and beautiful reflection of you and your family! Your strength and determination continues to inspire me. Hanging in there is definitely an art form, which you my friend, have mastered!
Lisa Grace
Las Vegas, NV

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